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The worst nightmare of a girl is waking up in the morning to see a pimple on her flawless skin! And the nightmare does come true for many of us, including me! Generally, my skin rains free from all such problems. But not at the time of my menses. Pimples and acne are nature’s way of telling me to get ready for the rough times coming!

I am a strong girl and generally deal with such things patiently. I remain armed with all sorts of home remedial products to combat the problem. Homemade masks, pastes, sandalwood, and what not! I try them all. But my pimples love me so much, that even when they leave, the marks are left behind! Well, I didn’t want to love them back. On the contrary, wanted to get rid of all of those I had.

I sought guidance from mommy dear and grandmother’s dears. But they all suggested what I had already tried doing and failed at. And then I went on exploring Google for what was undone yet.

On doing the study, I found that turmeric is a solution for flawless skin. And I thought, no wonder why they use it lavishly in Haldi ceremony before a wedding! But I had used turmeric in my home as a face mask multiple times. But why wasn’t it effective! The problem was with its authenticity and the curcumin levels. That sounds a little technical, doesn’t it!

But that’s true. Turmeric has all the goodness and glory in its store because of curcumin. It is only the ingredient that is responsible for the aroma, color, and health benefits of turmeric. So the turmeric in my home may not be authentic and may not contain the percentage of curcumin enough to combat the marks of pimples left behind. So then where social find the curcumin product with its right percentages!

Voila! I had found one! The ad flashed on my laptop screen as I was scrolling through some articles. Dermaturm by Bagdara Farms. As I went through its literature, I found out that it contained everything I was looking for. It had curcumin exactly the percentages best for my skin. It contained all the goodness of curcumin which would help me fight the acne and pimple marks on my skin. Curcumin contains antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties naturally! These together help beautify the skin bringing back its glow and luster. I couldn’t wait to order and hold the product in my hands.

As I received the product, I read the instructions carefully to see how it worked and how was it to be used. I CONSUMED it as instructed! Yes, it was meant to be drunk along with milk/ water and not applied externally. And that as per me is the beauty of the product that it treats the problem inside out.

To my surprise, only after a few weeks of consumption of Dermaturm my acne and pimple marks faded away. And I again had a lustrous mirror-like glowing skin!

My mom and grandmas were so happy to see the glow on my face. And more happy to see me happy. My grandmother asked me what was I doing that I hadn’t done till date! I responded with a smile, “grandma! Nothing new just went back to the roots of natural and organic ways of healing!”

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