Calmya helps in pain at sole of the foot

The human body is extremely complex and an intricate system. Each and every organ that is connected holds extreme importance for our existence. We might take our body for granted many a times and in the long run we pay a huge price for its upkeep. Our legs are the wheels of our body; they are prime for our mobility and a driving force behind a healthy active way of life. Healthy functional legs are most significant in maintaining a vibrant lifestyle. However, knowingly or unknowingly there are times when certain ailments occur in this part of our body and can cause pain and distress.

Planter fasciitis is one such condition that can cause unbearable pain to the sole of the foot. Planter fasciitis is a chronic local inflammation of bowstring like ligament stretching to the sole, known as the planter, which attaches at the heel. I was suffering from this condition for quite some time now and although the name of the condition may sound rare, but this condition is on a major rise these days, this condition is characterized by intense pain especially when the first steps are taken in the morning after waking up or when we get up after being seated for long.

Turmeric is the queen of spices for centuries and it has been the guardian of health for many more years. The word of its goodness has spread around the globe and people are going crazy about this simple humble herb which continues to add extra doze of all its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and many such amazing properties in their lives.

Calmya from Bagdara Farms is especially curated product to keep any kind of pain away from your body.  Brimming with the goodness of rich curcumin, Calmya reduces the number of harm causing inflammatory cytokines and creatine kinase. Calmya from the lap of nature can thwart or heal exercise induced damage to the sole of the feet that could cause planter fasciitis.   Calmya is packed with the powerful curcumin, which posses curcuminoids like zingiberone, turmeone and atlantone, these naturally occurring photochemical are said to reduce inflammatory cicosanoids at the point of trauma.  Apart from plethora of other properties, it is the anti-inflammatory property that Calmya possesses, which makes it potent at combating the painful condition of planter fasciitis.

Three tablespoon of Calmya with One tablespoon of cayenne pepper and 3 tablespoon of ginger powder mixed and stored, and consumed in warm water daily can be the most natural cure for this afflictive condition. Calmya’s anti-oxidant property aids in reducing the swelling and mitigates the pain considerably. So, are you experiencing this similar condition and do not know what it is? Well, now you do. So, don’t wait and get yourself your natural soother and healer, Calmya today.

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