The wonder herb, the queen of spices turmeric, has been celebrated since time immemorial to treat various maladies. This humble evergreen herb has lent its distinct characteristic flavour to the curries and continues to add opulence to the Indian cuisine. The rewards of turmeric are surplus besides being the most sought-after spice in the culinary world. Turmeric today is the most heralded natural substance, with scientists all over the world vying this golden goodness.

Health experts are on a spree brewing and whipping magic potions with this potent healthy herb. Turmeric has natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties; it’s capable of elevating holistic health most organically. Turmeric is climbing up the popularity chart at combating and potentially capsizing diseases.

Cancer, a malevolent and much-dreaded disease continues its deathly march with increasing intensity every year; this can be attributed to the unhealthy lifestyle changes that have been enforced upon us by our fast-paced work cycle. However, the queen of spices continues to swirl its therapeutic wand and is being celebrated by scientists globally as a potent herb to fight the deadly disease. It is a prominent nutrient being researched to combat cancer. Curcumin the orange pigment found in turmeric has demonstrated phenomenal anti-cancer benefits. Studies have also envinced, that adding curcumin to the diet eliminated more cancer cells than chemotherapy alone

ONCOMIN, the premier produce of Bagdara Farms, is specially conceived and formulated to fight the deadly cancer cells. ONCOMIN with 10.70% curcumin value reinforces healthy cell turnover and is a highly favourable natural compound to fight the curse of cancer. ONCOMIN with its rich curcumin level acts as a natural anti-oxidant and protects the body cells from being damaged. ONCOMIN, packed with the goodness of nature, not only interferes with the cancer growth in the body but also boosts the immunity by producing master anti-oxidant glutathione.

ONCOMIN is the mother nature’s best gift packed and sealed with wholesomeness. ONCOMIN contains principal anti-cancerous properties, it primarily douses inflammation, that fuels cancer growth. As this wonder spice continues to unleash its magic, it’s time to go back to the roots. The healing care of Mother Nature awaits us with open arms in the form of golden magic from bagdara farms, ONCOMIN.

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