Teameric to boost up energy levels
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Turmeric the Indian saffron has its roots spread back to the ayurvedic period, known as a most potent weapon at battling the deadliest of disease, it continues to weave magic. It has remained at the pinnacle as the most desired spice, lending its earthy flavour and vibrant colour to the delicious curries, adding radiance to our face and adding immunity to our robustness. The proud space it occupies in the grand ma’s recipe book celebrates it as a master herb, with a plethora of benefits to keep you in pink of your health, adds to your glow and a pinch in your food to lift up your spirits. Packed with natural nutritional supplement and herbal medicinal properties, the golden magic combats the harmful free radicals in our body. Turmeric has carved a niche for itself on the world map, for its infinite therapeutic goodness and elevating holistic well being of the human body. This fiery spice is competent to douse the most deadly disease in the entirely natural way.

As much as we love the “kadak chai” in India, there is something else that’s reining the hearts of people all over the world.  A beverage that’s in vogue and is best loved by people adopting a healthy lifestyle is liquid gold or turmeric tea. Known for its high anti-inflammatory properties, a cup of this potion will surely kick out some severe anti-inflammatory conditions. This cup of heavenly mana boosts your immune system and strengthens your gut. Turmeric now is not just a remedy for the cold and sore throat but is a whirlpool of divine goodness. Health experts around the globe, are vying this superfood and tossing up the culinary magic of its wholesomeness.

At Bagdara Farms we keep up with the latest health trends, we offer you our exceptionally outstanding product TEAMERIC. TEAMERIC with its innate soothing and healing properties is a boon, a gift of nature to us. It is emerging as the most coveted health drink, in the herbal world. A cup of TEAMERIC will drive away your morning blues and will rock you to a cosy good night’s sleep, so u wake up blooming and rejuvenated. TEAMERIC assures you to corner the weighty issues, once this golden potion becomes a part of your daily routine. While caffeinated drinks put a great amount of stress on our nerves, leaving us with depleted energy levels, TEAMERIC, with a punch of curcumin helps us restore the normal working of the body.

TEAMERIC blended with coconut milk/almond milk, honey, cinnamon and pepper makes a lips smacking drink and is sure to elevate your taste buds, to an exotic level. TEAMERIC brimming with natural goodness counters inflammations effectively in the most organic style. So make TEAMERIC a permanent member of your kitchen rack and bask in the glory of sound health and natural nourishment.

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