Turmeric benefits in diabetes

Diabetes causes 3 times more deaths than smoking

So, we kept thinking and then decided on “Sugeric”, as the most common term used to explain Diabetes in India is “Sugar Disease”.

Indians mostly believed that it is caused by the consumption of Sugar in any form after this disease was introduced or researched by modern science. In Ayurveda, the problem of Diabetes is known as “Madhumeh”.

Why Diabetes is Dangerous?

Almost every household has a Diabetic patient or somebody with pre-diabetic symptoms. If left untreated for long, Diabetes can affect your endocrine system, nervous system, digestive system, circulatory, and cardiovascular systems and doesn’t let the Immune System function normally. The list of symptoms associated with diabetes is endless.

The list of symptoms associated with diabetes is endless and is easily available to read and refer to on the internet.

Pre-Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes has various stages starting from pre-diabetes where the effects of diabetes on the body have just begun and have not caused any significant damage to the body parts.

The main cause of higher blood sugar levels in the body is the environment and lifestyle more than the genes, as the environment can dominate genes but not vice versa. Some common symptoms of pre-diabetes are excessive hunger & thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, etc.

Treat Diabetes Naturally with Ayurveda

Since Ayurveda believes that the origin of most of our diseases is from our stomach, so it is believed that organic food and organic system of cultivation and harvest can directly be linked with a healthy digestive system, which in turn means chances of your bearing the symptoms of pre-diabetes or Diabetes go down significantly as a healthy digestive system will support a good Immune system that is required to keep foreign viral and bacterial attacks at bay and allows the body to perform its regular mechanism for a healthy life.

The effects of diabetes on the body are different based on gender, age group, lifestyle, and environment and hence the consumption of Sugeric also has to be differently regulated for different users.

How Sugeric is the Best Natural Way to Treat Diabetes?

How Sugeric is the Best Natural Way to Treat Diabetes?

Sugeric is a 100% herbal raw root powder of Curcuma Longa, which is Indigenous in genealogy and a wild strand as cultivated by tribal people in and around the forest for medicinal use and is cultivated by us organically and hence can be termed as a supplement based on organic food. Today 1000’s of customers use this product and are benefiting in several ways, example:

                1. They do not have to use pills any longer

                2. They are no longer under regular self monitoring

                3. No Side effects as this is 100% herbal

                4. Saves hospitalization expenses

                5. 100% organic means it has no negative impact on your digestive system and helps build a strong Immune System

                6. Cultivated, harvested, hand processed and distributed from our own farm in the middle of  Bandhavgarh National Park

How To order Sugeric?

To Order and try our product “Sugeric” today, all you need to do is to place an order online right here and we will ship your order through the Number 1 logistic company of India for timely delivery because nothing less than the Number 1 suits our Number 1 product.

We recommend a minimum course of 3 bottles over 60 days or 2 months to see considerable changes. However, you will notice that it works on reducing the blood sugar levels from the first dose itself.

A pure herbal product takes a while to reach an active threshold in the body, provided you also take control of your lifestyle based on the few changes we advise to everyone. You will not have to take any medication for Diabetes, and in case you do, you will need nothing in addition to “Sugeric”, which will also go light on your pocket and effective on your body. 

Discount on Sugeric

You get a 10% discount if you pay online for the minimum recommended course of 6 bottles. 

1st Time COD orders invite 10% additional COD charges and there is never a discount on COD orders. 

We cultivate this herb in the middle of Bandhavgarh National Park, which is also a Tiger Reserve and is the Tiger Capital of India for being the best breeding ground for Tigers in India. After harvest, it is hand processed and shipped to our head office in New Delhi from where it is packed into bottles, labeled, and shipped PAN India and abroad. Bagdara Farms is a brand of HI Wellness Pvt Ltd.

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