‘It was the best of times; It was the worst of times’ – A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

Our times today can be very aptly described by Mr. Dickens’ lines above. We live in times that have brought us comfort and luxury in the form of technological advancements.

  • It is so easy to shop from the comfort of one’s home without stepping out
  • or see and hear loved ones who are miles away, on a video call
  • Or merely dump all our dirty laundry in a machine and have it wash away all the dirt in a jiffy without us, humans having to move an inch.
  • We have world cuisine at our disposal, and we can pick and choose our meals from a long list of global foods.
  • We read our books on sleek handheld tablets, we book our taxicabs online and then track them until they reach our doorstep,
  • We have a window to the world through the Internet all through the day and so on.

All these luxuries were merely a whimsical man’s daydreams at best a few decades ago.

At the same time though, our times have brought along the not-so-coveted things like industrial greed, pollution, chemical contamination, etc.

  • Today everything from milk to spices to cosmetics is known to contain adulterants.
  • Farm produce is typically laced with chemical residues from the pesticides and fertilizers used.
  • Diseases caused due to consumption of excess alcohol, processed sugar, and junk food are on the rise.
  • People have forgotten all about the ancient wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation regarding natural therapies and have put all their trust in chemical drugs and medications which have significant side effects.
  • Stress related to work has been eating into people’s health, and problems like thyroid pertaining diseases have made their way into most households.
  • We are grappling with infertility, obesity and drug abuse.

Are these the times that we would want to live in and more importantly pass along to our next generation? 

Luckily for us, there are still a few good Samaritans who worry about all these adverse effects of modernity and progress. People at Bagdara Farms, situated amidst the lush green jungles of Bandhavgarh, are just these kinds of good-hearted folks who have been producing a host of health supplements using curcumin – a magic spice that has been known since centuries as a super healer.

Why Choose Curcumin Supplements?

  • It has potent anti-inflammatory properties that help in naturally bringing down any form of inflammation in the human body. From liver inflammation caused due to fatty liver or liver cancer to skin inflammation caused by air pollution to thyroid inflammation caused by stress – all these conditions can be alleviated by consuming the right supplement from a range of Bagdara products.
  • Curcumin is also known to be an excellent antioxidant and can bring down the ill effects of free radicals and oxidative stress by nullifying the effects of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). This boosts the immunity of a body and keeps all forms of infection at bay. It is most helpful in mitigating effects of diabetes, thyroid disorder, and skin infection.
  • Another amazing property of curcumin is its antiseptic and analgesic effects. It also is known to possess anti-cancer properties.

All in all, curcumin is a spice that can bring so many benefits to a person’s health. One can choose from a whole plethora of supplements produced at Bagdara Farms. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Sugeric – Sugeric is a curcumin supplement that is tailor-made for people suffering from pre-diabetes, Type1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes. It is found helpful in bringing relief in case of diabetes-induced inflammation, weight management and maintaining blood sugar levels at an acceptable number.
  2. Thyromeric – Thyromeric is another supplement produced at Bagdara Farms that can bring considerable benefits to people suffering from thyroid related problems like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiter, Hashimoto’s disease and thyroid cancer. Curcumin is known to maintain thyroid hormone production at an ideal level.
  3. Selfieme-10X – This is a supplement that can be used externally on the skin to bring an instant shine on your face. It combats the effects of air pollution on skin health and reverses premature aging. It is a rich blend of high-quality curcumin that can be used in conjunction with other natural substances like milk cream, rose water, sandalwood powder, lemon, etc. to form face packs that can then be applied on the skin.
  4. Livturm – Livturm is meant for patients suffering from liver ailments. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties of curcumin make it ideal for curing liver diseases like an alcoholic liver disease, liver cirrhosis, etc. With absolutely no side effects of its own, Livturm is a very beneficial remedy for patients.

Add a suitable curcumin supplement to your daily routine and reap the benefits of nature’s bounty instead of falling into the trap of excess chemical drug use. Prevention is better than cure and proactively adding a curcumin supplement to your diet will keep you safe and secured in this disease riddled world of ours.

Click here for more details: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29114108

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