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Way to keep lungs Healthy

Well for the longest time we have taken the air we breathe for granted, continued to pollute it to our hearts content and all we now do is find ways to make it pure, doing more harm to it than good.

Without air we cannot imagine life and breathing polluted air succumbs us to a life of plethora of diseases, especially related to our airways.

This manmade disaster isn’t just limited outdoor but has reached inside our houses exposing us to respiratory diseases.


I won’t give a bookish definition of it;

There are plenty of those available on the internet. But what happens when one experiences this horror.

Swollen airways are also known as (1) inflamed airways, difficulty in (2) breathing, (3) mucus hypersecretion,

All of which puts (1) your body, (2) your system, (3) your day to day life, (4) your work, (5) most importantly your family in a great amount of distress.

Asthma needs a trigger to set it off.

What is a trigger? It’s nothing that you do especially, besides pollution, exercise, smoking, getting stressed, food allergies, medicines anything could spark this living bomb inside us.

So what do we do?

Do we stop living because it is difficult to avoid everything that’s on the menu above? Also, these are just a few from the list of many.

What we can do is choose to add something natural, organic, sustainable, and competent in our lifestyle, which will take care of our respiratory system without any side effects.


Cultivated, grown, and nurtured organically with the utmost care, Asthumin is a star when it comes to taking care of your Asthma & Respiratory woes.  Packed with the goodness of miraculous phytochemical Curcumin, Asthumin is rich in medicinal, therapeutic, and pharmacological properties. Asthumin today is the natural shield, a superhero without a cape for all people suffering from respiratory illnesses.

  • Rich in curcumin, Asthumin breaks down mucus which makes it easier for the body to throw it out of the system.
  • Asthumin takes care of the inflamed asthmatic airways with its potent anti-inflammatory properties, giving us the much-needed relief.
  • Asthumin acts as a natural protector and indicates an immunomodulatory effect with endless anti-allergic properties.
  • Asthumin washes away the allergens that may cause irritation to the airways, thus making way for great respiratory health which in turn is a way to magnificent overall health.
  • This fine organic product also supports improved nasal airflow in people with allergic rhinitis, which demonstrates a positive modulation of the immune response.
  • Its substantial and sublime anti-oxidant properties help to throw out nitric oxide that mediates oxidative stress and inflammation in asthma patients.
  • Asthumin is also an effective microbial and aids in reducing bacterial infections that could be one of the root causes of an asthma attack.

It’s a known fact that this medicinal turmeric has existed since time immemorial, but surely Bagdara Farms has giving it a new meaning by producing it in a way.

That could save our lives from many life blocking diseases and truly giving us the best nature has to offer.

So what are you waiting for?

Try the 2-month course now and see the difference in your lung and overall health.

Please do listen to Ved, a pharmacist talk about asthma and how our product can help with providing you relief from that.

We recommend you to take 6 months course of Asthumin because it will take around 2-3 months to start working on inflammation of your lungs and a further 5-6 months to heal it properly.

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