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Raising a child is the most rewarding career in life, it’s also likely to be the toughest one and this job comes absolutely with no instruction manual. However, we try and protect their little world to the best of our ability and ensure that they stay in the best of their health and spirits. With the growing surge of junk and fast food in the market, we most likely get bothered by the ill health these might bring to the children. Healthy eating is extremely important, as what your child eats today will have a striking impact on their health throughout adolescence and adulthood. Well! But it would be hypothetical if we think we can throw away the junk out from their lives. However we sure can add a dash of golden goodness in their lives to ensure their health and happiness forever.

Turmeric, our harbinger for good health for centuries is now emerging as the hottest food trend. Hailed as the queen of spices world over, the humble turmeric has spread its roots of good health in our lives. The innumerable anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer and anti-coagulant, and many more pharmacological properties have made it a super spice. The world is vying for their share and it’s time we make it an integral part of our children’s meals too.

Yumcumin, the super product from Bagdara Farms is specially formulated  and enriched with immunity boosting curcumin and essential oils, is a healthy, tasty and a  must have option for your growing child. Yumcumin ensures a fit and healthy future for our growing children naturally. The immune system of our growing child is often bogged down by fever and other ailments which come with the change of season, Yumcumin’s super anti-inflammatory property work wonders on your child’s health. The super anti-oxidant property in this magical Yumcumin, reduces the oxidative stress and is a healthy dose of anti-oxidant for your little one’s body. The super anti-microbial properties, keeps a check on the infections which are likely to occur more in children due to their vast area of exposure. Yumcumin thwarts the stomach pain giving bacteria in kids and provides relief and prevents them from staying under the sheets and not giving up their favorite play time. Yumcumin has multitudinous immunity boosting properties, which give the much needed boost to your little champ’s immunity for sure. Jumping, hopping and falling is a way of play for kids, and why fear when we have our Yumcumin, to heal, to provide relief and soothe the wounds naturally with its amazing therapeutic properties. This excellent produce of Bagdara Farms naturally enhance memory &  cognition in children. With so many health boosting properties packed in a small bottle, it inevitably should become a part of your dear child’s life. A big yes to Yumcumin!

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