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In the backdrop of our busy lives, pain has become a synonym to our everyday existence. However, the feeling is an unpleasant sensation in the body that is caused by an injury or due to stress on that particular part in pain. Based on the duration of the pain it can be broadly classified as acute pain, pain that lasts for only a few days, chronic pain lasts for six months or so.

Pain can be caused by damage to our central nervous system, and sometimes it may involve the proteins and cells which promote inflammation. There are times when our body can bear the pain and times when the pain becomes unbearable and restricts our movements. If left untreated pain could become a permanent part of our body, affecting the quality of our life. There are a large number of synthetic products available in the market for pain relief, but if one wants a permanent solution with no side effects, we must look for a natural remedy.

Turmeric, the queen of spices has been heralded by the world as the most natural and effective method to combat maladies. This golden spice is just not a pretty herb for brightening up your curries, but it has proved its might as a potential natural pain killer. Its anti-inflammatory properties actively battle pain and swelling caused by the distressing inflammation. This pretty herb is undoubtedly my personal favorite and having tried and tested it over some time, I feel my pain has vanished, and I feel lighter and brighter.

Calmya turmeric from Bagdara Farms is a star performer for soothing and healing the painful areas of the body and helping the body cope up with the rising challenges we face every day. Packed with the therapeutic goodness of the rich curcumin, it helps the body regain its balance and enables the body to effectively use the oxygen in the blood and generate a greater amount of energy reserves for us. Calmya thus lifts your spirit from the sluggish state to feel soothed and energized. The constant motion that the body undergoes turn our muscles sore, Calmya alleviates the pain and provides comfort to the body in distress. Calmya is specially curated to heal muscle spasms and pain in the most pronounced way.

The rush and the stress is unavoidable in our super busy lives, Calmya, packed with the punch of curcumin and micronutrients, helps the body restore itself and keeps pain at bay. Calmya is your ready answer at managing the pain that agonizes you and improves your quality of life. Say a big yes to Calmya, I certainly did.

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