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We are all living in a time where health is being given the utmost priority. From innumerable books being written on healthy eating to videos of yoga, everyone around seems to be getting more conscious of not just losing weight but living an overall healthy life. One of the food items which is gaining a lot of popularity is nuts. Should we say that everybody is going nuts over nuts!

On a serious note, there are many health benefits of nuts that we will be covering in this article.

Nuts can be biologically defined as seed kernels. Technically speaking, nuts belong to the family of legumes like peas and beans. They are generally contained inside a hard and inedible shell and need to be cracked to get the kernel. All of them are good sources of fats. Some of the commonly consumed nuts are almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, pecans, etc.  Most of them can be eaten as it is after removing from the shell and are also used in cooking a variety of dishes.

Why eats Nuts on A Regular Basis?

  • All the nuts are a great source of many nutrients like fats, proteins, fiber, vitamin E, phosphorous, manganese, selenium, magnesium, etc.
  • Regular consumption of nuts can help in weight loss. When trying to lose weight, the best snack is grabbing a handful of nuts. Nuts make one feel full but the body does not absorb all the calories present in the nuts.
  • Nuts are rich in antioxidants. Oxidation is a process in our body which gives rise to many free radicals. These free radicals are proven to be harmful to the body. Nuts reduce the level of oxidation taking place in our body keeping it healthy.
  • Various kinds of nuts also help to reduce the level of inflammation in the body as they are great anti-inflammatory agents. Excessive inflammation is the biggest cause of many ailments in the body like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease like heart stroke, etc.
  • Being rich in fiber, nuts help to improve gut health, thus further reducing the risk of diabetes and obesity. That is the reason, just a handful of nuts makes us feel full and reduces overall calories consumption.
  • High levels of cholesterol are very detrimental to health. Nuts have the power to reduce the total bad cholesterol by lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the amount of good cholesterol. This helps in the prevention of various heart diseases and reduces the chances of heart attack, cardiac arrest, etc.
  • How do we get glowing and healthy skin naturally? Well, the answer lies in nuts. The vitamin B content in the nuts helps to prevent premature aging of the skin and the appearance of fine lines too. All the essential fatty acids in nuts help to keep the skin hydrated and also protects the skin against acne, eczema, dark spots, etc. Similarly, the high amount of zinc in nuts helps to keep the hair strong and lustrous.
  • Did you know that nuts are also good for the bones? Nuts are packed with calcium that increases bone density and also helps to prevent osteoporosis.

One should be careful before consuming any kind of nuts. While it has multi-health benefits for the majority of people, some people can also get a severe allergic reaction to nuts. If such is the case, one must consult their doctor about the best way to deal with it.

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