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We have many a times expressed and discussed how complicated a human body is. When we come to talk about a woman’s body and we realize that there can be nothing more glorious, more mystifying and of course more complicated. The varied roles a woman play’s in a lifetime are worth a standing ovation. Woman’s role at every stage holds high regard, which makes her indispensible as she nurtures relationships and balances every aspect of her life with care and affection.  A woman’s role as a mother knows no bounds, viewed as challenging by the world; it’s the most defining, satisfying and a rewarding experience. Breast alterations take place in woman throughout her life span, age, medications, hormonal changes; all pay a huge role in these changes, which take the form of lump, various fluid discharges of different nature. Such changes should immediately be brought to the notice of your doctor, to prevent further complications. Some common breast disorders seen in women are:

  • Fibrocystic breast
  • Cysts
  • Blocked milk ducts
  • Mastitis
  • Breast cancer

While a large number of treatments are available in the market, natural treatment is worth a try.

Turmeric the revered spice since time immemorial is the spice that’s trending the most.  It certainly is a flavorful and a therapeutic trend to follow, when people around the globe are desperate to reboot and optimize their unhealthy way of living. So, it’s no more just a crowned jewel in your kitchen cabinet for a sprinkle on your curry and a remedy for sore throat. The golden spice has spread its soothing wings to disseminate its restorative goodness to people around the globe. Turmeric can prove instrumental in elevating your breast health most naturally.

Shemeric is a wonderfully evolved product from the lap of nature. At Bagdara Farms we understand the multifaceted role of the woman today, and the challenges they face doing the balancing act at home and work, therefore this great product is there. With its innate nature being turmeric, Shemaric will surely be a guardian for the health of the woman of today. Shemeric is brimming with the rich curcumin which has the unique ability to inhibit the deadly cells of cancer. The curcumin nanoparticles found in Shemeric, are highly effective at wielding  anti-proliferative effect against breast cancer cells and thwarts metastasis of breast cancer cells. Shemeric is a boon for women suffering from the excruciating condition of lactational mastitis, a condition faced commonly by breastfeeding women. The anti-inflammatory properties present in Shemeric not only bring down the inflammation but a topical application of it mixed in olive oil/ coconut oil provides the much needed relief from the cuts and lesions. The powerful anti-microbial action attacks the micro organisms that cause the nasty breast infections. The breast tenderness and pain is a part and parcel of pre-menstrual syndrome, Shemeric effectively works at bringing down the suffering that comes along with these five days every month and has a great impact that elevates the breast health with every menstrual cycle. So now that we know about the many pharmacological properties of Shemeric that will work wonders for our breast health, are we still taking time to get one for ourselves today?

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