immunoturm an organic energy booster

 Our immune system is our body’s ammunition against infectious organisms and other harmful raiders. The immune system prodigiously keeps us healthy by warding off infections, but some internal and external factors lead to a weak immune system causing us to fall sick and deteriorating the quality of our health. There are many synthetic chemicals which may stimulate our immune system for a while, however in the long run; it does more harm than good. It weakens the natural capacity of our immune system to respond to illness or heal. All these factors act upon our immunity especially during the change of season, we all feel under the pressure of fluctuating temperatures. A healthy immune system not only combats cough, cold but many bigger and serious diseases and ailments.

Our saving grace is the wonder herb Turmeric that kicks out harmful antibodies of our system naturally and gives us a supercharged immune system and pink of health with its golden color. Turmeric has been the harbinger of our good health for centuries and continued to weave its magic on us. Scientists all over the world are vying over the benefits; this humble herb has to offer us.

Why Turmeric?

  • Turmeric is the superfood packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that give a boost to our immunity.
  • Curcumin, the bioactive ingredient in turmeric is anti-viral, anti-fungal and protects us from some chronic ailments that tend to bog down our immunity.
  • Packed with anti-microbial properties, turmeric helps the body defend itself and function to the best of its ability.

Bagdara Farms offers you the ageless, timeless queen of spices, Turmeric, in the form of bottled beauty, ImmunoTurm, to give a boost to your immune system any time of the year and obviate you to no longer stay under the harmful spell of weather change. The superhero curated at Bagdara Farms is specially formulated to bust out pain and combat inflammation.

ImmunoTurm increases the immune-modulating capacity of our body, hence giving that much-required boost to the immune system. The magic potion, ImmunoTurm is a wonder spice when it comes to elevating our metabolism, helps us fight metabolic diseases with a vengeance and energizes the body. By encouraging the metabolism through the day, ImmunoTurm helps the body burn more calories, the brain in return produces more melatonin to recover the lost energy and allows us to enter into a deeper and restful sleep. ImmunoTurm’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it apt for tackling digestive issues and reprimand food-borne bacteria. So, if you are looking for a safe and a natural way to lift up your immunity than say a big hello to ImmunoTurm and make it a part of your healthy life.

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