Enjoy Winters with turmeric dose

The chill in the air and the urge to pull a cover over the shoulders is sure a sign of winters being around the corner. It’s not very far that we might be waking up to foggy mornings and nippy evenings, enjoying our favorite cuppa ginger tea and brew our coffee till its aroma fill the air around us. While winter is a time to enjoy many things that we can’t during the rest of the year, it is also a very sensitive time to catch several diseases, which are capable of keeping you under the sheets and not let you participate in the winter festivities. During the winters, the body heat usually experiences a drop as the environment outside gets cold, while the body takes time to adjust to the temperature outside, it is this vulnerable time that we catch ailments that come along with the change in season. We can easily ditch these ailments by being cautious and ensuring that we at least have that one ingredient in our daily life which will give us a healthy kick of energy, so that we welcome the change in the pink of our spirits.

The queen of spices turmeric since the Ayurveda times has influenced and uplifted our good health in more than one way. It’s only today that we remember how right granny was, when she insisted that we gulp down that golden milk to keep your spirits high in cold and dab it on your face for extra lustrous glowing skin. Turmeric has always stood the test of time and has come out spreading its golden wings, sprinkling its wholesomeness in our lives. Turmeric is now being heralded as the most powerful spice on the planet. Change of weather and ailments have always gone hand in hand and turmeric has always come to our rescue, it does it even today. Here is why Turmeric and winter is an old love affair.

  • Winter season is not just about chilly winds and setting snow, it’s also about those extra bites and munching calories to keep yourself warm. Turmeric known for its weight loss properties will keep you fit and slim this winter. Regular consumption of turmeric in curries, salads, milk and soups will help you keep your fat and cholesterol level in control.
  • Turmeric has a global reputation for being an excellent and significant immunity booster. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent helps in enhancing your over all immunity, which tends to dip in cold weather.
  • Turmeric, the golden spice is a prime anti-allergic and is effective in countering respiratory ailments especially asthma which is common during the winters. It’s these properties of the magical turmeric that thwart the chances of seasonal illness and other allergic reactions, which irk you in the cold weather.
  • Winter being a festive season makes us make merry during Christmas and ring in the new year with eating and drinking extra, due to all this our liver takes a beating. Turmeric increases the production of enzymes that help in our body’s detoxification, improves blood circulation and is potent at optimizing liver functions.
  • Skin problems also keep us worried during this time of the year; dry, itching skin are some common problems during winters. Believe it or not but the most natural and economical solution is turmeric. Don’t spend big bucks in the salon, just whip up a paste of turmeric, honey and milk and experience the magic of nature in keeping your skin hydrated. So this calls for one visit less to the parlor.
  • Heightened joint pain can spoil winters for you; the anti-inflammatory properties in Mother Nature’s best gift turmeric can combat joint pain and provide you much needed relief. A measured dose of turmeric taken consistently brings down the intensity of pain to a great extent.

This golden spice without doubt stands out as a true performer, when it comes to maintaining our good health and lifestyle during this winter season. So, your body is calling out for you to adapt a healthier lifestyle and to kick start with making turmeric a part of your life to stay healthy.

Click here for more details : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28757910

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