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  • Anti-oxidant and anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Prevents metastasis
  • Chemo-protective ability
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Immune-modulatory
  • Non-GMO
  • Free of pesticides/fertilizers
  • Wild strand
  • Natural analgesic
  • 100% Vegetarian

The product is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing, without having any harm on wildlife and keeping in view a softer look towards the Mother Nature.

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USA FDA Approved

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What is Carcirid?

Carcirid is a special formulation from Bagdara Farms to forestall breast cancer, which is the most common cancer in the world. Carcirid with abundant curcumin and plethora of pharmacological properties is extremely efficient in treating breast cancer, by the virtue of its property to induce cell death, bring down inflammation and inhibit the growth of tumor. Blessed with bio-active curcumin, Carcirid plays an important role in breast cancer inhibition and post – therapy prevention of cancer from recurring. Carcirid is the most organic form of treatment you can gift yourself, without worrying about any side effects or chemical reaction.

Properties Of Carcirid:

  • Carcirid being rich in curcumin aids in the prevention of breast cancer by maintaining the normal signaling and growth of the cells.
  • Carcirid through its super therapeutic anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties protect the cells from inflammation and oxidation, it also ensures that the cells keep away from converting into cancer cells.
  • Carcirid kills the tumour, fixes the cancer and its signs and symptoms.
  • It wards off all kinds of pain linked with breast cancer and its treatment due to curcumins natural analgesic property, without causing any side-effects.
  • The curcumin in Carcirid inhibits metastasis in advanced breast cancers, by regulating their signaling process.
  • Carcirid has a chemo-preventive action on the breast cells against recurrence of cancer after therapy.


  • Take 200-250ml of water (2 cups), ½ tsp of Carcirid, ¼ tsp black pepper powder and boil it till the quantity is reduced to 1 cup. Once boiled, pour the mixture in a cup without straining it, add ½ tsp honey and few drops of lemon juice, and drink it when it is hot to lukewarm.
  • Make sure not to gulp down the drink in one go. Keep each sip in your mouth for 20-30 seconds and then gulp it down. This has to be taken twice a day, morning and evening, either before your meals or around 2 hours after your meals.
  • A gap of 1-2 hours should be kept so that the stomach/gut is empty when the drink reaches it. Take this drink twice daily for best results.

Please Note -It is advisable to start the dosage for all age limits in small quantity and then gradually increase it. It is also important to be cautious, not to give this product to children below the age of 2 years.

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60gms or 2.1 oz


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India


Bright Yellow

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100% Organic

43 reviews for Carcirid

  1. amita chaturvedi

    my friend felt a lump while doing self-examination and when we went to the doctor our worst fears were confirmed . the doctor told her to begin chemo forthwith and she did that but it was so painful for her and yes she did beat cancer the doctor warned her that it might happen again so she needed to be watchful. she was not ready to face the same pain and decided to try oropharymyn and she has been using it regularly for the past year and so far so good. the product has also helped her recover faster from the ill-effects of chemo and harsh medication

  2. Hemant Yadav

    Carcirid saved my mother’s life when she was recently detected with stage1 breast cancer. The curcumin formula of Carcirid is so effective in supporting the body through the tough cancer therapies. Her strength after the therapies were over kept getting better all thanks to Carcirid. She started feeling the need to eat sooner and her weight loss was not as severe as many other breast cancer patients experience after radiation therapy. My mother is feeling better day by day and I am continuing to give her a dose of Carcirid to make sure that the dreaded cancer cells in her body are killed once and for all.

  3. Naina Pandey

    I have seen 2 of my elderly relatives who were very close to me succumb from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a horrible ailment that can suck the will to live from a woman. When my aunt was detected of this disease, I immediately began giving her Carcirid everyday. Her cancer was luckily detected at an early stage and chemo therapy and radiation therapy were both helping but only because we were supplementing with Carcirid. This wonderful supplement gave her body the strength it needed to tide over the disease and to survive the harsh therapies.

  4. Geetanjali Kaul

    I have seen the terrible effects of breast cancer up close and personal. My grandmother had breast cancer and had to have both her breasts removed one after the other. Apart from the physical agony that comes along with it, the mental anguish perpetrated by breast cancer is more than one can bear. I always lived in fear of getting diagnosed with breast cancer and so when someone told me about Carcirid I immediately bought it. Carcirid is a great product. My aunt who is also suffering from breast cancer has been taking it for months and has shown much better response to therapy. She is able to cope with her symptoms much better with Carcirid.

  5. tejali

    such a common cancer to occur these days .even my friends mother was hit by it some 6 years back and underwent chemo for it and now recently too she got it again .This time , i suggested them for carcirid as i knew my next door neighbor was using and getting positive benefits out of it .
    Last sunday only i spoke to my friend and she said positive things are on the way .auntie is not undergoing any chemo this time .

  6. Jyoti Deo

    I am very particular with my medical examination and in the last one the doctors detected a small lump. They were not certain if it was cancerous so they sent it for a biopsy. I decided not to take any chances and ordered Carcirid even before the reports came. ( Cancer runs in my family so was not going to take any chance with that) I could feel the change in me once I began using it ( the report was positive) I was scared but did not feel hopeless as I had seen the positive effects of Carcirid. I have been going through the entire treatment but have not stopped taking this amazing concoction. My last review said that the lump has redued and hasn’t spread thus reinforcing my faith in this wonderful creation of Bagdara.

  7. bhavya

    life sometimes gives and takes unexpected turns .My sil was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age of hardly 40 years .Her dad also had cancer and died some 10 years back .
    she underwent the chemo therapy and was almost recovered out of it but suddenly it reoccurred again after 2 years .This time she wasn’t willing to undergo that painful chemo and was reluctant to go for any therapy but somehow was convinced and was given the doses of carcirid along with it .she had less painful chemo plus doctors are saying there is zero chance of occurrence now as curcumin is one of the best anti carcinogenic compound .she is being suggested to take carcirid for few years

  8. rohli

    such a common cancer but with high survival rate if controlled in time .My not very close by relation but very close by the bond we shared with their family , an aunty developed breast cancer some 5 years back and she was treated for the same .now after 5 years she was hit again with same .
    This time she didn’t have the courage to face chemo so wanted it to alter at the first stage only .i saw her using carcirid as she was suggested by another breast cancer patient who lives in our society only .she is completely recovering from it now and is so happy and delighted that she won’t face the torture of chemo anymore now.

  9. Sunita

    One of our unit officer’s wife was always scared of getting breast cancer as it was in the family history. She would always get the tests done and most of the time it came negative but this one time the lump was cancerous. She was so scared and felt that her life was over she had lost her mom to the same illness. No matter how much we tried to convince her she was inconsolable.We finally decide to do something about it. She had started her treatment but was unable to bear the pain. A unit lady got her carcirid along with her treatment. Six months down the line things had improved considerably and she was finally able to beat it. She still continues with Carcirid and thankfully no relapse has happened she is healthy and fine and is enjoying her life to the hilt.

  10. Tina

    My elder sister is a Doctor herself and when it comes to health, I think doctors take it a bit too lightly. She didnt realize when a little lump in her breast became so big that it got malignant and reached stage 2 breast cancer. She started her chemo and I started off on a quest to look for some alternate way of combating the cancer. thankfully for me, I came across Carcirid which is a miraculous product for breast cancer. I started giving it to Mina and last month, her reports showed that the cancer had stopped from spreading. I think if she continues this supplement, she will get alright very soon. We all have Bagdara to thank immensely.

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