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The number of cigarette smokers worldwide has amplified due to population growth according to new research from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

It is believed and researched that even if you exercise and eat healthy, smoking will increase your risk for chronic diseases, including cancer. Tobacco-use, counting smokeless tobacco, accounts for one-third of all cancers.

What is COPD?

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a long-term lung disease that discusses both chronic bronchitis and emphysema. COPD symptoms include stubborn cough with mucus and shortness of breath.

There are four stages of COPD. Treatment includes medications and lifestyle alterations.

What Are The Causes Of COPD?

Cigarette smoke:  Which is the most common reason people get COPD.

Passive smoker: If you are not a smoker, you can get COPD from living with one.

Pollution: You are susceptible to acquire COPD from air pollution. Inhaling chemical fumes, dust, or toxic substances can also cause it.

Your genes: In exceptional cases, people with COPD have a defect in their DNA.

Asthma: Untreated for a long time asthma converts into COPD.

How Can Curcumin Help?

As a dominant anti-inflammatory, curcumin found in medicinal turmeric overpowers the evolution of K-ras-induced lung cancer by constraining inherent and extrinsic inflammation and by direct anti-tumoral effects.

These findings suggest that curcumin rich medicinal turmeric could be used to prolong the premalignant phase and impede lung cancer progression in high-risk COPD patients.

Curcumin meritoriously overwhelms NTHi-induced COPD-like airway inflammation and lung cancer progression.

  • The assuaging effects of curcumin on COPD in the SIRT1-inhibition group were reversed by suppressing LC3-I, LC3-II, and Beclin1 and swelling CHOP and GRP78. Curcumin in medicinal turmeric might alleviate COPD by promoting autophagy and deterring ERS through SIRT1 activation.
  • Curcumin in medicinal turmeric reassured COPD-induced lung impairment and repressed cell apoptosis. Curcumin rich medicinal turmeric lessened the inflammatory cell infiltration and condensed the lung emphysema and fibrosis in a dose-dependent mt. Curcumin the natural component is reported to have anti-inflammatory properties and it reflects the same by inhibiting NF-κB activation and IL-8,4,5 which are known to promote white blood cell activity and expression of COX-2 (enzyme responsible for production of inflammatory cytokines) involved in the pathophysiology of COPD. Curcumin has also been associated with the inhibition of cigarette smoke-induced NF-κB activation in bronchial epithelium in mice according to in addition; it has shown to rejuvenate steroid response in human cells.
  • Medicinal turmeric is a potent antioxidant. Oxidants are molecules that cause impairment to the body’s cells, and they’re also known as free radicals. They are held in check and detached by other molecules called antioxidants, and the curcumin found in medicinal turmeric is one such antioxidant. In fact, medicinal turmeric can benefit your body nullify free radicals such as superoxide, hydroxyl, and hydrogen peroxide, and neutralizing these free radicals may help reduce inflammation in the lungs in people suffering from COPD.

Acting as a linctus medicinal turmeric offers COPD patients natural respite from the distressing symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of COPD is the excess production of mucus, and this excess mucus tends to build up in the airways and make it harder to breathe.

Turmeric has been shown to break down mucus,

which makes it easier for your body to remove the mucus from its airways. The break down and exclusion of mucus may also help relieve coughing and mend your ability to breathe.


It’s no longer anonymous – everyone knows that smoking has all sorts of negative influences on health. Everyone knows that tobacco use can have calamitous consequences on your health.

Nevertheless, many people decide to ignore the risk and go on smoking. Apart from the serious health penalties mentioned above, smoking can also affect your everyday life. It can affect your breathing, causing coughing and shortness of breath. It upsurges the risk of respiratory tract infection, including bronchitis.

All of these incidences can pointedly reduce your quality of life. As a powerful antioxidant, curcumin may help fight the oxidative stress believed to underlie COPD, while blocking inflammation at the molecular level.Medicinal Turmeric helps the body naturally cleanse the respiratory tract.

Curcumin found in FUKAMIN-A from Bagdara Farms found to be excellent in improving the functioning of lungs and helps in conditions such as COPD, asthma, Adenocarcinoma, pulmonary fibrosis, and Emphysema because of its effectiveness in pulmonary conditions with abnormal inflammation caused due to smoking.


Works naturally for Respiratory Ailments, it is a strong expectorant, potent anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory- Prolongs lung health, a robust anti-bacterial- helps restore normal breathing, It has been produced with absolutely no use of pesticides/fertilizers and is 100% vegetarian. Natural treatments can prove to be valuable for COPD patients, so enjoy the added value addition to your health in the most natural way & choose what is right for your precious body.

Buy our initial course for 2 months with 3 Fukamin-A bottles which you can take keep in your travel bag whenever you travel. A natural way to heal COPD without any side effects and unwanted chemicals.

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