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You know turmeric as an inflammation-combating wonder food that can improve symptoms of arthritis, improve digestion, and more.

But you may not know that turmeric can also support a healthy mouth.

While the larger wellness community focuses on turmeric’s ability to improve conditions including arthritis and chronic pain, it should also be noted that turmeric benefits extend even to oral and dental health.

Tetrahydrocurcuminoids (THCs) are among the major active metabolites formed on oral curcuminoid digestion.

Tetrahydrocurcumin benefits

The innumerable useful pharmacological properties of THCs have made them so unique that in the health and wellness world, turmeric is a celebrated superfood or super spice that may be just as active as pharmaceuticals in acknowledging a host of concerns.

Canker sore or the aching ulcers on the base of the gum and sides of the mouth and gingivitis are common gum disease linked with gum bleeding and overall the oral health ailments that are afflicting the populace today. Yet treatment procedures presently accessible have a great scope of improvement.

How Medicinal turmeric can help in Canker sore

In a recent clinical trial that was conducted, in which 30 canker sore patients and 29 patients with gingivitis, were treated with curcumin and over a three-week period. These patients showed remarkable results. When the study ended these patients had canker sore completely cured and so were their painful lesions and there were similar success stories for patients with gingivitis.

Efficacy of Medicinal turmeric use in Canker sore

Turmeric’s ability to improve gingivitis and its signs were striking, and researchers perceived its ability to ominously condense total microbial count. Overall, the study concludes, “turmeric mouthwash can be successfully used as an aide-de-camp to mechanical plaque control approaches in inhibition of plaque and gingivitis.

 Besides alleviating pain it was also a winner in combating allergic symptoms.

In its powdered form, turmeric is picking up steam for its ability to naturally whiten teeth—which is pretty surprising based on its very intense colour. Surprized aren’t you?

Medicinal Turmeric combats cancer

According to a scientific review, curcumin is non-toxic, pure phytochemical found in turmeric, and is scientifically known to possess anticancer activities. The research validates that curcumin combats cancer in a way that it distresses the numerous biological pathways and processes involved in cancer formation & tumour production.

Turmeric can prevent precancerous lesions in the oral cavity hence you rest assured of something natural as a treatment without the use of chemicals, yet has its therapeutic value fully intact.

A review article by Jitesh S Kuwatada, mentions how widely curcumin is being used in the world of dentistry.

Besides being used as a pain killer, for periodontitis and gingivitis, it is being widely used in the dental plaque detection system. The study also points at its chemopreventive activity for treating premalignant lesions and conditions in the oral cavity.

The study further mentions its importance as anti-carcinogen and how turmeric is hailed as an important component in pit-fissure-sealant procedure. This also attributes to turmeric’s fierce anti-oxidant properties to scavenge out free radicals making it a worthwhile anti-cancer agent.

So medicinal turmeric today is a hero when it comes to our good health and now it has given us all the more reason to smile and flash our teeth. An affordable, natural, effective, and sustainable way for your oral care, you can’t ask for more.

Curcumin is what gives turmeric its pharmacological value, so make sure you choose the right product to ensure a happy, healthy dental routine.

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