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Works on these Health Conditions:


  • For healthy hair
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help in toning down itching, scalp-irritation etc.
  • Anti-microbial properties help treat dandruff, dermatitis, eczema and fungal infections.
  • Antioxidant properties help cure alopecia, hair damage etc
  • Non-GMO
  • Curcumin enriched
  • 100% Organic
  • Wild strand

The product is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing without having any harm on wildlife and keeping in view a softer look towards the Mother Nature.

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40 Days Course
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2 Months Course
6 x Trichoturm
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4 Months Course

USA FDA Approved

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What is Trichoturm?

Our crowning glory is certainly a reflection of our personality. Rapunzel’s lustrous mane has not only made women desirable of healthy tresses, but men too aspire for long lasting locks. However, in today’s day and age when air pollution, water pollution and stress are commonplace, it is tough to maintain a lusciously healthy mane. At Bagdara Farms, we have a special product for all the growing needs that is virgin, organically treated and one stop for all your hair problems. Trichoturm, specifically crafted with right amount of curcumin is fortified with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Trichoturm is your organic and natural remedy for hair related worries.

How Properties Of Curcumin In Trichoturm Help?

  • Anti-microbial properties – Fungal infections, eczema, dandruff, dermatitis etc. can all be treated with the help of curcumin, especially since it possesses anti-microbial properties.
  • Anti-hair loss – Curcumin inhibits the action of an enzyme known as 5-AR which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This helps in preventing androgenic hair loss.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Curcumin reduces the inflammation caused by conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, which lead to itching, scalp irritation and hair loss.
  • Antioxidant – The antioxidant properties of curcumin help in reversing the negative effects of free radicals and negating the effects of aging. This helps in promoting growth of hair and promptly repair damage caused to hair follicles.
  • Vitamin D receptor activator – Curcumin can activate vitamin D receptor genes in hair follicles, so that uninhibited hair growth occurs.


  • Dandruff can be treated by applying a mixture of ½ tsp of Trichoturm, few drops of lemon juice and 4-5 tsp of olive oil. Leave it on the scalp for 15 minutes and then wash it with a natural or a mild shampoo. OR
  • Trichoturm mixed with honey makes an excellent anti bacterial hair mask. Apply this to your scalp and wash it off with lukewarm water. OR
  • ½ tsp of Trichoturm when mixed with ½ cup of curd or few tsp of oil makes a phenomenal moisturizer for the scalp. Apply it to your scalp, keep it for 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. OR
  • Add shine to your hair by applying a mix of 1 egg yolk and ½ tsp of Trichoturm. Wash it after 15 minutes with lukewarm water and follow this procedure twice a week.

Please Note -It is advisable to start the dosage in small quantity and then gradually increase it. It is also important to be cautious, not to use this product on children.

Additional information


60 gm / 2.1 oz


Glass Jar

Key Feature

Purely organic


Anti- cancerogenous, anti-inflammatory, anti- depressant, and good for skin and joints


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India



105 reviews for Trichoturm

  1. Manita

    I’ve been using Trichoturm for a year now. I was pretty sick for quite a while and under a lot of stress and this product helped tremendously with my hair regrowth and in supporting overall health of my hair. Recently, my partner began using it and has noticed results in the form of new hair growth and his hairline filling in after just a few months of continuous use. We both highly recommend it!

  2. Shravani

    I’ve been using Trichoturm for a year now. I was pretty sick for quite a while and under a lot of stress and this product helped tremendously with my hair regrowth and in supporting overall health of my hair. Recently, my partner began using it and has noticed results in the form of new hair growth and his hairline filling in after just a few months of continuous use. We both highly recommend it!

  3. Renuka

    This product has really worked for me with fine and thinning hair. My doctor asked me what I’d done to my hair as it was so much healthier looking and thicker. My hair salon lady Kathy says she is seeing new hair growth. I am pleased with this product! I’ve been using it for about a year now.

  4. Shubhada

    I have a genetic disposal to hair thinning. If I was a man, it would not have been such a huge problem but since I am a woman, it gives me double trouble. The worst is that I has started losing hair in significant amount since last year. No oil or home remedy was working but Trichoturm is different, it has really helped me manage hairfall in a better way. Moreover, my dry and itchy scalp is also taken care of.

  5. Rani

    I have severe hair loss. Will this product be helpful in taking care of this problem?

    • Farms Bagdara

      Hair fall can be due to many reasons like high-stress levels, hormonal problems, some ailment in the body etc. To take care of this problem, Bagdara Farms has a product called Trichoturm which is enriched with curcumin. Curcumin has many magical properties which make it the best for hair fall treatment. Its anti-hair fall action prevents the action of an enzyme called 5-AR which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in case of androgenic hair loss. The antioxidant property of curcumin helps to reverse the negative effects of free radicals which are a major cause of hair loss. In case, the hair loss is occurring due to some kind of infection of the scalp, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action of curcumin helps to clear it off and help in the growth of hair.

  6. Kishwar

    I haven’t been faithfully using Trichoturm every single week, but I have noticed that my hair are stronger and haven’t been chipping like they used to. My hair, which has been thinning like crazy as a side effect of medication I’m on, was pretty brittle and unhealthy looking. After I started using this, I did notice my hair taking on a stronger texture. I’m going to continue using it to see how things turn out after another month or two.

  7. Kudrat

    My younger one had lice on her head and I am sure she must have got it from school. But the moment I noticed the nits, I was horrified. She has such beautiful curly hair and didnt want to get it shaved. Then I was told that the anti lice shampoos in the market are generally not safe for such young children. I was in a dilemma, what to use then? My friend suggested that I use Trichoturm as the curcumin in it will help to get rid of lice the natural way. It was an easy task thereon!

  8. Yasmeen

    No side effects and have been using it for two weeks, hopefully I will start noticing small changes soon. I know it will take time but only purchased one bottle hoping not to have any sort of bad reaction from it. So far, my scalp has felt absolutely amazing and clean without any itching or allergies. I will wait for a few more weeks to see if it helps curb the hair loss and gives me more volume.

  9. Rachita

    My hair has always lacked volume…so I kept it short. When it was long, it looked scraggly. After using Trichoturm for just a month I have much more volume. Now that it has body, it styles differently. I’m inspired to grow it out and see how I look with longer hair, when I have more of it. I am now a customer for life. Thank you to the guy who invented this! I want to tell everyone about it. Because of the embarrassing nature of hair loss, I don’t. So I felt like I had to write a review. If you’re considering it, PLEASE GIVE IT A SHOT.

  10. Tanya

    It’s amazing. I saw an article about it on Twitter, and decided to take a chance. My hair has been slowly thinning for years. I’m 43, and my mom has thyroid issues and I think I have thyroid problems too. I’ve been embarrassed at how thin my hair looked on top – how a light shining from above revealed a lot of scalp, how wide my parts looked on top of my head. And I would lose a LOT of hair with every shower. It was so distressing. Within a month of starting Trichoturm, the part on my head really got smaller! It gets better every month. I have new hairs growing in, my hair has more body, and I feel like I look younger. It’s truly remarkable.

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