(To Make Menopause Easy)

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  • Non-GMO
  • Curcumin enriched
  • Natural analgesic
  • Anti-depressant
  • Natural anti-microbial agent
  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Combats stress & depression
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunity booster
  • No use of pesticides/fertilizers
  • 100% vegetarian

The product is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing without having any harm on wildlife and keeping in view a softer look towards the Mother Nature.

USA FDA Approved

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What is Menoeze?

The changes that a woman’s body has to go through in a lifetime are countless. Every woman experiences her life and the associated changes differently, but the common factor in the middle years is a significant change called Menopause. Menopause is a natural biological change in a woman’s life, marking an end to her reproductive ability. This is not an ailment or a disease, but a phase which occurs over a period of 4 to 5 years and it involves hormonal changes and reduced activity of the ovaries. Menopause signifies a time in a woman’s life when she stops having menstrual periods.

Menoeze is Mother Nature’s best organic gift to the best creation of God, a woman. Bottled with abundant curcumin, Menoeze serves as a therapeutic healer and soother to those frayed nerves, during this crucial period in a woman’s life known as the menopause. The wide range of medicinal, therapeutic and pharmacological properties of curcumin like anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties makes it an excellent choice, to deal with lots happening during the menopausal stage. The bio-active curcumin, the prime and the most active ingredient in Menoeze, contributes significantly to the rehabilitating properties of this trailblazing product by Bagdara Farms.


  • Menoeze with generous amounts of curcumin in it is a natural way to replenish the depleting levels of estrogen in your body and significantly brings down menopause symptoms.
  • Menoeze is a fabulous analgesic, which relieves you of body-ache and muscle soreness, which is common during menopause.
  • The anti-oxidant action of Menoeze can help in preventing hot flashes.
  • Menoeze helps in dissipating your blues by delicately handling your hormones and keeping nervousness, anxiousness, and depression at bay.
  • Menoeze’s anti-inflammatory action brings down inflammation and migration of immune cells, which risk us to developing auto-immune diseases during the menopausal phase.
  • Its awe-striking antibacterial properties work towards warding off vaginal infections.


 For Women – ½ tsp twice a day

  • Take 200-250ml of water(2 cups), 1/2 tsp of Menoeze, ¼ tsp black pepper powder and boil it till the quantity is reduced to 1 cup. Once boiled, pour the mixture in a cup without straining it, add ½ tsp honey and few drops of lemon juice, and drink it when it is hot to lukewarm.
  • Make sure not to gulp down the drink in one go. Keep each sip in your mouth for 20-30 seconds and then gulp it down. This has to be taken twice a day, morning and evening, either before your meals or around 2 hours after your meals.
  • A gap of 1-2 hours should be kept so that the stomach/gut is empty when the drink reaches it. Take this drink twice daily for best results.

Please Note -It is advisable to start the dosage for all age limits in small quantity and then gradually increase it. It is also important to be cautious, not to give this product to children.

Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person, depending on the age and medical condition. We would suggest you take it for a month to begin with and see the difference.

120 Reviews For Menoeze

  1. This works like a charm! Note that you have to take it for a month before you start noticing benefits, and it doesn’t completely eliminate hot flashes, but dramatically reduces the number of them and their intensity. My mother was on estrogen during her menopausal years, and then developed breast cancer. My GYN said I was therefore not a candidate for estrogen, so recommended this for my hot flashes – and this brand specifically. I used to have 2-3 hot flashes an hour, and each lasted 5 minutes. I was dying! They constantly interrupted my day and it is difficult to look and act professionally when you are sweating and stripping down every few minutes. Now I only have 4-5 hot flashes a DAY, and they are all mild and last 30 seconds or so.

  2. My doctor didn’t want to put me on artificial hormones because of my blood pressure meds. So I am using this instead. Seems to help with my hot flashes. What’s more, it has not only helped me get rid of the hot flashes, but has also given me significant relief from night sweats and curbed my appetite. I don’t snack as much and feel more like myself!

  3. I purchased Menoeze over 6 weeks ago. My hot flashes were frequent and uncomfortable, but the worst part was they were interfering with sleep. First, the product arrived VERY quickly. I started it immediately. I slept through the first night! I wanted to write a review right away, but I’m a skeptic, and thought it might be a coincidence, so I decided to wait. After 6 weeks, My hot flashes have significantly reduced. My sleep has absolutely improved. Add it to warm milk and enjoy a soothing beverage before bed, then the herbal blend continues to work its magic while you sleep.

  4. These are amazing! I could tell a difference on the 2nd day of taking Menoeze. The number of hot flashes has decreased, as well as, their intensity. I now call the hot flashes “warm moments” because I don’t even sweat with them anymore. I am shocked at how well Menoeze works. I take it in the morning and sometimes even at night. I can not recommend it enough! I will be telling all of my friends about it! Best money I’ve ever spent.

  5. I am very happy with this new product I recently purchased. I’ve noticed changes already. Lots of energy, increase in my sex drive, and No hot flashes in 2 days. I am very pleased with this supplement and will continue to use this product. Thank you Bagdara.

  6. I am 47 and I started gaining weight in the muffin top pattern and belly,bloating, and gas etc in my stomach along with other issues.My dr gave me hormone replacement with both estro and progesterone and it made me feel terrible and my symptoms were worse.I then was put on only progesterone and the same thing happened.I switched to Menoeze for a couple of weeks and so far it’s the only thing that I feel makes a difference.I don’t feel nearly as bloated, the gas isn’t as bad, and I’m thinking it’s fighting off the muffin top.I am happy with this product

  7. I noticed a significant difference within the first few weeks of taking Menoeze…. My hot flashes are completely under control. Other symptoms are hardly noticeable anymore. Things like dryness, low energy, low libido and this sort of unbalanced emotional feeling. Has anyone else experienced that? It’s kind of hard to describe, except that I felt like I was walking around in someone else’s body. I didn’t feel like myself AT ALL.I’m really relieved that I found this product, because I was at my wit’s end trying to figure out how to navigate my transition into menopause without going the pharmaceutical route.I’m ready to order my next bottle.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    I’ve been using Menoeze for years. It took a month or 2 for the best result; along with diet change to reduce hormonal responses, like hot flashes. I’ve recommended this product to my friends and family with menopause and pms symptoms.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bought it for my daughter who lately started her menses. It was painful to see her crying in cramps and turning sides all night. She wouldn’t even go to school because of it. I knew something had to be done. Menoeze gas actually lessened her menstrual cramps and has made the menstrual days a lot easier for her. Happy to see her happy.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    I purchased Menoeze over 6 months ago and never used it. I got desperate and took it for the first time last Saturday thinking it wasn’t going to work. Can I tell you I feel like a new person!! Within 1 hour of taking this for the first time I felt better. I am a 50 year old female who recently started experiencing extreme depression before my cycle as part of t peherimenopause/menopause transition. My Dr. had prescribed Zoloft which caused me to lose my appetite and made me feel even more depressed. I stopped the Zoloft and I started taking Menoeze instead. I feel great. I feel more relaxed and not anxious and I can concentrate better. Please note that I have not had any hot flashes as of yet, but I will continue to take Menoeze daily to eliminate the depression, sharpen my memory and sleep better at night.

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Additional Information


60gms or 2.1 oz


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India


Bright Yellow

Key Feature



  • Avoid the usage of this product in combination with any other medicine.
  • This product will address the main health concern that you are facing and thereafter the other health concerns.
  • Therefore it is advisable to target the main disease with one product from the range of products.
  • Regular BP to be monitored as excessive use or use with allopathic medication may increase or decrease your BP. Our product works on blood thinning and cholesterol and hence the BP must be closely monitored for the first week.
  • Diabetic patients must monitor their Blood Sugar Level twice a day initially for 3 days and then once a day for next 3 days and then weekly for about a month and then monthly.
  • In case you feel any of the parameters shoot up or down, please check if you are consuming any other allopathic medication for any other problem in the body and stop using it immediately as the role of our product is to replace every other medicine that you are using and let you resume regular lifestyle where you can eat and drink what you want.
  • As a reminder, please discuss the supplements and medication to take with our advisors.

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The product is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing without having any harm on wildlife and keeping in view a softer look towards the Mother Nature.