Enhancing the natural resistance and defensive mechanism with Turmflu


The persistent stride of death from the global Covid-19 pandemic is continuing relentlessly despite global vaccination efforts, and is now being increasingly stomached by the poorest places in the world. India reported 273,810(approx.) new Covid-19 infections and 1,619(approx.) deaths—both uppermost single-day spikes. That takes the active Covid-19 tally up to nearly 2 million.

While there is no specific antiviral therapy obtainable to treat COVID-19 patients, permutation treatment has been measured by the researchers which would be an amalgamation of antiviral agents, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, comprising of hydroxychloroquine are widely used in advanced countries.  There is a high demand and need for a precautionary and reassuring natural remedy, numerous polyphenolic compounds mined out  from natural products have been recognized with diverse antiviral mechanisms such as aiming and thwarting virus mass detailed interfaces, viral access, duplication, and assemblage.

Curcumin undoubtedly, is one of the natural composites that are eligible to be extensively explored for its powerful anti-viral properties. A natural polyphenolic compound, curcumin reveals wide range of beneficial pharmalogical properties, which are including antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and cardioprotective properties and this not something new that is being revealed. Curcumin, the yellow pigment of turmeric makes our age old spice medicinal that is expansively used in our Indian traditional herbal medicines since time immemorial to treat and cure plethora of diseases associated with infection and inflammation for thousands of years. Studies reveal that, curcumin wields antiviral actions against comprehensive range of viruses like, HSV-2, virus, Zika-virus, HIV Hepatitis virus, HPV viruses, Influenza and Adenovirus.

Like SARS-CoV, the SARS-COV2 also attacks human multitude cells by attacking Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2(ACE2) skin receptor, an entry site for the most dreaded corona virus. The mixing of viral S protein with ACE2 receptor which is extant on mucus membrane facilitates the viral membrane fusion and ensue a viral duplication in suffering individuals. According to a recent study by https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7299138/ says that mien of ACE2 was spotted in nasal epithelial cells, alveolar epithelial type II cells (AECII) of lungs and luminal surface of intestinal epithelial cells. Hence nasopharynx, lungs and intestine expedite the entry of viral entry and paves way for viral incursion.

It is being revealed by a large number of studies and researches that Angiotensin II uses its organic activities by binding two receptors namely angiotensin 2 type 1 receptor (AT1R) and angiotensin 2 type 2 receptor (AT2R).   This binding of these receptors leads to a reduced blood pressure through vasodilation.

Keeping in mind the wide range of pharmacological properties of the curcumin, found in medicinal turmeric, there is an increasing study on it being used as a conjectural treatment. The usage of curcumin in medicinal turmeric could be as an impending constraining negotiator stalling viral spike protein—ACE2 receptor at the entry points in humans and as a mitigate via curbing the pro-inflammatory effects of Angiotensin II-AT1 receptor-signalling trails plummeting respiratory anguish in the  people suffering from COVID19.

Curcumin in medicinal turmeric is being widely studied in the parameter of RAAS (renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system) mechanisms from where, this medicinal spice would exercise its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive properties. Studies have associated the role of curcumin found in medicinal turmeric in minimizing the effect of ACE and AT1R receptor expression in brain tissue and vascular smooth muscle cells, correspondingly leading to reticence of Angiotensin II-AT1R facilitated effects of hypertension and oxidative stress.

Research also says that, myocardial cells treated with curcumin unveil the defensive mechanism of curcumin via modulatory effects mediated by Angiotensin II receptors AT1R and AT2R. Increase of AT2R, prompts suppression of AT1R expression leading to Angiotensin II-AT2R refereed anti-inflammatory effects encompassing an inhibition of NF-κB activity and oxidative stress.

Hence, treatment with curcumin attenuated the pro-inflammatory effects leading to significant decrease in the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-α, IL-6 and reactive oxygen species. Nutritional and organic supplements of curcumin in medicinal turmeric with vitamin C and zinc have showed encouraging outcomes in enhancing the natural resistance and defensive mechanism in fight against the CoV contaminants. It’s a nature calling once again to slay the pandemic, with the golden spice. Don’t think twice and start making this a part of your daily regimen to stay healthy and ailment free. The best of the best medicinal turmeric for immunity and fight against COVID-19 is Turmflu from Bagdara Farms. Get all the details and much more from the following link: https://bagdarafarms.com/product/turmflu/

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