Shemeric cures poly cystic ovarian syndrome

There can never be anything more glorious, more mystifying and certainly more complex than a woman’s body. The health of a woman is not determined solely by the biological factors but also external factors like work, stress, worries of the balancing act at home and nutrition amongst many others. Their innate quality of being a nurturer makes them busy looking after everyone’s well being, but their own. Woman today must understand that, the health and lives of families are intertwined with hers, any adversity on her health would have a direct consequence on the health of her family. Poly-cystic ovary syndrome often occurs due to elevated levels of male hormones androgens in women and has become extremely common amongst women. Irregular or heavy periods, excess body and facial hair, acne, pelvis pain, patches of thick, dark velvety skin are a few symptoms of PCOS. PCOS is caused due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors and many times the unhealthy lifestyle is also to be blamed.

The most revered spice, turmeric is an essential ingredient of the traditional medicinal practice. Known as the Queen of Spices, its therapeutic values has attracted huge interest for this golden herb globally. Some of the potential properties of turmeric are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, analgesic, immunomodulatory and they contribute a great deal in therapeutically uplifting, elevating our health naturally.

Shemeric is a path breaking formulation by Bagdara Farms, bearing in mind the all important and challenging roles that a woman has to play in her everyday life. PCOS is characterized by formation of abnormal cysts due to unbalanced levels of hormones; this causes increase in inflammation in the body. Shemeric with curcumin in abundance has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties and it prodigiously combats inflammation causing enzymes and prevents PCOS. Shemeric is brimming with anti-oxidant properties, which prevents an imbalance in metabolism of reactive oxygen species and hence keeps the bothersome PCOS at bay, through its regular use. Depression is often observed in women suffering from PCOS, it can be improved by consuming Shemeric on daily basis as an additional natural and organic treatment, and the anti-depressant properties provide the much needed relief without causing side effects.

Shemeric is excellent at protecting your heart, which is at great risk in this excruciating condition. Regular consumption of Shemeric can reduce the vulnerability to heart diseases in PCOS. Weight loss can seem impossible for women suffering from this bothersome condition. Shemeric is a beneficial dietary support in weight loss, if incorporated in the daily diet along with healthy lifestyle changes. Shemeric is definitely a product crafted for the multitasking women of today. So don’t let these pesky health issues bog the super talented women of today. Enhance your health with the wholesome and therapeutic SHEMERIC.

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