Horses Health Care

Cure Arthritis in Horses with Curcumin

Listen To Article A horse is probably the most majestic animal one can think of and who can forget the beauty and grace of its movements. Imagine many horses galloping freely in a green valley; the sight is incomparable. The majestic changes of this sleek animal are nature’s symphony in motion. But this movement can be hampered by the onset Read More

Horses Health Care

Desmitis in Horses can be Treated Right With Turmeric’s Curcumin

Listen To Article A horse’s fluid body movement is completely dependent on the health of his joints. It follows that the health of the joints is dependent on a harmonious flow energy (life-promoting energy) surrounding and through these joints. Unfortunately, the free flow of energy through the horse’s joints can be easily obstructed by something as simple as cold weather Read More

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